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Parish Forms

The parish forms below are organized by sacrament. Simply click the name of the form to open the document. Forms unrelated to a sacrament are in the "miscellaneous" section. For questions or to report an error in a form, please email the parish secretary at

Register as a Parishioner 

Become a parishioner of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  Register online by clicking the button below.  To register by paper please contact the parish office to receive a registration form.


Baptismal Christian Witness Form

A Christian Witness is a would-be godparent who is a baptized Christian and not a Catholic. Use this form in place of the Godparent Form if your selected "godparent" is not a Catholic.

Godparent Form

Each Godparent must complete this form, which includes the sign and seal of their pastor.

Baptism Application

Provide this form to the parish secretary when you contact the office to schedule a baptism.

Baptism Requirements

This form provides guidelines for the sacrament of baptism. PLEASE READ THIS FORM BEFORE SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION.


Sponsor Form

The Confirmation Sponsor must complete this form and have it signed and sealed by his/her pastor.


Sanatio in Radice Form

Sanatio in Radice is the revalidation of a marriage by consent formerly given, but innefective at the time owing to an ecclesiastical impediment. 

Pre-Cana Document Checklist

A document checklist/guide to help couples keep their documents in order.

Marriage Pocket Folder

Single page summary of marriage file.

Marriage Certificate

Official certificate of marriage valid according to Church (i.e. canon) law and civic law.

Letter of Delegation

Required whenever the priest or deacon who performs the marriage is neither the pastor, the parochial vicar, nor a deacon of the parish in which the marriage is to be celebrated.

Suppletary Oath Form

This form is used when other means of confirming freedom to marry have proved inconclusive.

Freedom to Marry Affidavit

Affidavit regarding the free status of the bride or groom.

Marriage Application

This form collects personal information about the bride and groom.


Funeral Rites at St. John the Baptist

Includes readings and music selection along with general information for planning a funeral at our parish.

Funeral Guidelines

Helpful guidelines for planning a funeral at St. John the Baptist.

St. John the Baptist Bereavement Form

Used to identify those grieving the loss of a parishioner.

Catholic Teaching on Cremation

Succinct explanation of the Church's teaching on cremation.


Stewardship Form

Complete this form and mail to the office or scan and email to to indicate the areas in which you would like to serve.

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