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Opportunities for hire at St. John's

Working at our parish is as much vocational as it is occupational. We are building a team with a heart to serve God and His Church through the particular place, people, and events of St. John's in Tryon.

Office Manager and Special Projects Coordinator

The Office Manager and Special Projects Coordinator is responsible for the business affairs of the parish including but not limited to:

  • reviewing vendors and managing vendor relationships

  • implementing and maintaining office technology solutions;

  • ​coordinating with the Diocesan accountant for parish budget planning, invoice/bill payment, and bookkeeping;

  • managing the weekly offertory counting and reporting process;

  • assisting the finance council and parish council with gathering data and information, drafting parish letters, and following through on proposed action items;

  • coordinating with the Diocesan payroll contact to ensure parish staff are paid correctly in a timely manner;

  • directing the day-to-day website maintenance and the development of additional features and resources;

  • working closely with the pastor and other staff to ensure parish office priorities are understood and executed upon.

The above responsibilities are a broad sampling, but are not exhaustive of all that the role entails. An ideal candidate will have:

  • A joyful disposition and a sincere love of God;

  • a desire to serve;

  • a willingness to learn and grow beyond his/her comfort zone;

  • an ability to clearly and effectively communicate to stakeholders with a variety of perspectives and interests;

  • basic computer and technological skills (e.g. proficiency with word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation types of software; familiarity with modern website management; understanding of voice over IP software; etc.)

  • an ability to solve problems independently without supervision or clear direction.

All applications are welcome. Applicants must submit their interest by Friday, December 22 @ 12:00 PM EST to

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